What I thought I knew…

Gosh I’m naive sometimes. I came to this realization recently while observing other Mums in my Mums group. Their babies are as wonderfully individual as they are but for some reason, before having a baby, I figured they were all the same, did the same things and behaved in a certain way.


I was thinking about the things I thought I knew and how terribly wrong I was and here’s a couple, purely for your entertainment:


  1. Babies don’t do anything so long as they have a full stomach and a clean nappy you can leave them to their own devices. LOL! They see you with their little beady eyes… They watch you as you slowly slink away with your iPhone so you can Facebook on the toilet in peace… And they will wait. Just as you shut the toilet door it will happen… WAAAAH!


  1. All babies cry uncontrollably, especially at night and there’s nothing you can do. Not true in all cases but this was my expectation. Some babies are pretty chilled and others are pretty uptight, again just like adults, their personalities are just as varied.


  1. Babies poop a lot and it’s gross. Formula fed babies are more frequent poopers but breast fed babies have been know to go almost two weeks without going for a poop. As got the gross part, yeah that’s true. The smelly poop out of a formula fed baby is enough to choke a donkey.


  1. All babies eat the same thing, the same amount in the same intervals until they start eating solid food. Yeah the same thing being milk whether breast or bottle… But the bottle part is daunting and pretty important. One formula that works well for one baby bungs up another so it’s a big case of trial and error, sometimes for weeks on end. Also, babies of the same age often don’t eat the same amounts. Little Miss at 9 weeks averages on 100mls of formula plus 30mls of breast milk where as a friend of mine, her little fella takes 200mls in a sitting. Different strokes for different folks.


  1. Babies love you the minute the come out. I’ve no doubt Little Miss knows who I am purely because I smell like milk but she loves me for no other reason at the moment. Apparently that comes later on which I’m really looking forward to. I just pray it doesn’t happen when my sailor is on deployment and when he comes back I can’t offload her because of the separation anxiety. Some babies get it worse than others.


  1. Breast feeding is the most natural thing in the world. For like 10% of Mums. It’s hard and it hurts and people will make you feel like shit if you choose or physically can’t breastfeed. I was sitting in the doctors waiting room a couple of weeks ago feeding Little Miss and this older guy leans over and says “I have two sons, one was breast fed and he is a CEO of a company and takes care of me. The other bottle fed, works at seven eleven.” Ummm… Thanks?


What sorts of things did you think babies do or didn’t do and was surprised to find out you were wrong or right?

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