What did you miss?

Oh my god… I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since the 15th of January :\ Did you miss me? Let me get you up to speed since that date.

  • Intensive study period for an international law subject – 8 hours of a lectures a day for five days in a row. On top of that a sick bubba. Not a good week at all for either of us.
  • Decision to sell Bruce (the car). Chucked in a whole bunch of money getting it detailed and serviced and blah blah blah. Calls to enquire to date: Zero. Good move Suzi, goooood move.
  • Booked a trip to Croatia to see my love friend get married. Begin a 9 month long battle with mum guilt for leaving little miss for two weeks.
  • Work: 10 billion installs. South Casino is a shit hole and Moranbah is pretty nice but the food aint that good.
  • Dating? Saw someone pretty cool. Began a path of self sabotage based on guilt for not being able to invest much time. There’s a common trend appearing which I will investigate in the coming weeks.
  • XP returned from 9 months overseas. His return means I get back a small part of my old life as he takes the miss for a weekend. His return also means we have to deal with each other. Double edged sword.

Did accidentally wake up next to a lumberjack recently. I’ll explain in more detail later. Sounds funny. Wasn’t funny.


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