To My Little Miss – Age 2 Years 8 Months

Hey Little Miss,

Another little letter for you to tell you how you’re doing. You’re just over two years and eight months now, my god I just can’t believe it. Still going strong at School.. You’re the ring leader.. it’s like lord of the flies in there!

Your favourite things at the moment are;

Hey Duggee – This is a show on ABC for kids and you scream HEY DUGGEE every time it goes on. We dance around the lounge room before it’s bath and bed time.

Frank – Franky has come back to us now that we’ve moved into a bigger house. You love having him around. You say good morning to me first, then you go and say “morning Frankie” and you always say goodnight to him after your bath. Sometimes, if I’m not quick you’ll go out the back and you and Frank will go exploring in the bushes before school

Baby Bels – Every day you ask me for a baby bel. Every damn day. When there’s no baby bel? Melt. Down.

You’re talking so much now, you can say your ABC’s and also count to 12 🙂

This weekend you’re off on a holiday as well and we have lots of exciting things planned!

I love you so much little chill

Mummy and Miss


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