To My Little Miss – Age 2 Years 3 Months

Hey Little Miss,

I thought I’d write to you and tell you how you’re doing! So you’re 2 years and 3 months at the moment… going on 13. Your favourite word is ‘no’ and your favourite thing to do when someone else says this to you is to scone them in the face. Just like in the series of Wentworth, in which a fictitious Character called Bea reigns supreme as Queen bee of the Wentworth correctional centre, you too reign queen of your Kindy room at Daycare. Your carer, Bec, describes you as “one that don’t take no shit.” Hence why you’re with the bigger pre-school kids than with kids your own age. You rule the place with an iron fist, but everyone can see your sensitive nature shining through.

Here’s some pictures of you kicking ass and taking names at school:

isla at school

You are learning so much though. You’re starting to earn to love the water during your swimming lessons. You know so many songs and are now learning to sing along as wel as do all the hand actions. You love Rock-a-bye your bear by the Wiggles. You’re learning that we don’t hit our friends and I saw something wonderful when I came to collect you the other day. I saw your friend Luke trip over and start to cry. You walked over to him, leant down to him and gave him a hug. You’re growing up to be a very strong willed little girl with a great deal of empathy and for that, I’m so proud of you. The other thing that made me melt into a little love puddle was the other night when I handed you your dinner. I hadn’t said anything yet and as you took it off me you said “thank you Mummy, yummy dinner!” There are equal parts unbridled love and frustration and I think if I got to look inside the mind of a toddler it wouldn’t be any different as you struggle to express yourself and I struggle to understand what you’re asking but were getting there slowly. It’s when I lay you down in bed at night and without me saying anything you whisper “love you Mummy” that makes everything so worth it.

Isla looking grown upIsla swimmingIsla yoghurt face

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