The Boldest of All New Years Resolutions…


New Years. No better time to re-evaluate the past 12 months, and what a 12 months it’s been. The positives: I kept my tiny human alive and she’s growing into a spirited little being who can talk (for the most part) and act in a recalcitrant manner.  Bless. No idea where she gets that from? I finally started something that’s interested me for years and now most of my spare non little miss time is consumed with learning about the Law. We made the right move. The move to family and a better quality of life.  I also started taking care of myself a bit better. Even though it’s only been in the tail end of the year, I already feel more energetic.

The negatives: Plenty of heartache. You always question some of the decisions you make. Did I do the right thing? Did I hold on to someone too long? Did I not fight enough? There have been some situations where I’ve thought yep, this is fantastic, only to have the rug pulled from under my feet and I’m left standing there thinking what the fuck happened? Was it something I did? Am I not good enough? There’s been other situations where I’ve gone nope, this won’t work at all. Are YOU good enough? Why am I still battling to keep this person in my life? What value do they add? So many moments of self-doubt and so much over thinking.

The thing is, if I remove certain aspects from my life, I’m perfectly happy. I do something each and every day that should I wake tomorrow, our lives are just that little bit better. Why not just continue on that journey as my goals for 2016? I read this bullshit horoscope article (yes I know, I can hear you groaning from here) and something resonated in my mind. “You yearn for solitude. Seek out spiritually uplifting pursuits and connect with your higher power (I’m going to assume that means myself).”

Now, I know you’re not supposed to share your new year’s resolutions, but I’m going to share my three with you.

  1. Be the best possible mum I can be every day
  2. Continue to do something that benefits My Little Miss and I for each tomorrow
  3. No relationships till August other than the one I have with myself. Unless he’s either Ah-Maze-ing or Tom Hardy.

Besides, no one is going to want to fuck with me while I give up smoking and cut cake from my diet…

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