The blurred line between Walmartian and Miranda Kerr…

It was a rough night last night. Little Miss had an upset stomach and had been grizzly all day with an upset stomach and it continued into the night. She woke constantly, not for food but for cuddles and reassurance and while very cute she’s now wanting her mama for something other than boobie juice, it’s absolutely exhausting. I woke up in the morning with somewhere to be so I organized Little Miss then proceeded to grab a singlet from the floor that had been worn for the previous three days and a skirt and chucked them on. I also managed to quickly brush the fuzz from my teeth but not quite enough to get rid of the morning breath.


As I wandered down the hall I caught sight of myself in the mirror. The singlet I was wearing had vomit down the front, I had Samsonite luggage sized bags under my eyes and sleep boogers crusted into my eyelids. My hair resembled a bower birds nest with bits of fluff and formula powder fused to it and lastly, I had sleep lines so deeply imbedded in my face I look like I’d been disfigured in some horrible accident. Now, for a split second I thought… “Fuck it, no one will notice.” Had it not have been for the prospect of meeting new people that day and also that I was running early for a change, I probably would have gone out that way. But it got me thinking…


There definitely is a scale. You only need to get your Friday funnies featuring “Walmartians” to know which is rock bottom. The opposite end of the spectrum would be the Chloe Sims of the world who wouldn’t dare leave the house without a full set of lashes and a small mortgage worth of jewels on. So what about the rest of us? How fine is the line between lax and letting yourself go? Society has quite a lot to answer for when it comes to expectations on women and what they should look like both during and post pregnancy. You only need to look at Giselle Bundchen or Miranda Kerr after they had their babies to feel perfectly shit about yourself when you really don’t need to.


I guess for us normal folk it may depend on the day, the occasion and the level of sleep. For me, it was nothing that some bb cream, a brush and change of clothes didn’t fix but for others it may be different. When thinking about whether or not there’s a happy medium, there probably isn’t one because we are all unique with different expectations of ourselves. Some people may care a lot and others not so much. As long as you are comfortable and happy within yourself no matter where you end up going or who you’ll end up meeting. Your baby is going to be happy with you whether you have a full face of make up on or whether you have last nights reheated spag bol down your front.


What do you think? Where do you fit in the spectrum? Does your child-care out-weight your self-care? Is it the other way around or do you have a good balance

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