Mid-Week Munchkin Update

Isla and I

Since I haven’t written about the Little Miss for some time, an update on how she’s doing is a little overdue. She will be two in a month :/ Can you believe that? At the moment she’s quite the dictator and spends her time bossing me about. Mum… Shoes. Mum… Toast. Mum… (w) IGGLES!!!!! So here are a few of her memorable moments from the past few months.


Farewell to Lighthouse

Isla was at lighthouse daycare full time from 5 months when I went back to work. The lady in her room, Sue, was an older Russian lady who referred to Little Miss as her “kitten” (but put on a staunch Russian accent and image you’re swigging vodka, cooking potatoes and cursing the cold war). I won’t ever forget her last day at the centre. Little Miss had been there for 13 months, with Sue by her side. We had no family in Sydney so Sue was like the Granma substitute who wrapped Isla in her arms day after day and was there for every boo boo, every milestone and every shitty day I had at work. Walking into her room for the last time, Sue looked at me with tears in her eyes. I handed Little Miss over for her very last hug and Sue broke down. All she said to me was “I will miss my little kitten and I will miss you.” I feel a bit teary recalling this memory but she was such an important part of our lives, even though she may not have known it. I wish I told her what she meant to us.


Fuck you Coles

This one was recent… On the phone in car with someone who was telling me a very animated story to which I loudly cried “WHAT THE FUCK!?” Anyway… I was on my way to Coles to do the grocery shopping with Little Miss and she remained quiet for most of the trip until I put her in the trolley and got her to the grocery section… This older lady smiled at us both and when I smiled back she walked over and said “aren’t you two just the prettiest pair.” I was like ohhh thanks hahah awkies… insert small talk. She then lent over to Little Miss who was sitting in the trolley and said to her “And what’s your name precious” to which Little Miss replied “FUCK!” She looked about as mortified as me and I tried to cover it up by telling her I’d just tried to teach her the word truck. She didn’t buy it. Little Miss continued to use the word “fuck” for the entire duration of our shopping experience.


The Move

I don’t think I’ve experienced anything as stressful as moving states with a toddler. So much so, a few weeks after it was all over, most of my hair fell out and I had to cut it off. The removalists decided to turn up two full days earlier than I had booked while I was still working full time and Little Miss was at daycare. The issue was, we had to stay in a hotel for a bit. Little Miss had never been put down in a big bed to sleep all alone before and she was like “WOOO PARTY!” which was cute, until 11pm when she was so wired it was like she was on baby crack. Nothing would work and she began to cry. And cry…. Aaaaaaaaand cry. Mama’s, you know what I’m talking about. Your kid is so over tired there’s almost nothing you can do and the cries cut through your soul and make you doubt your life’s purpose. She went on for hours and by this point I was loosing my mind and battling the urge not to vomit. I was about to launch myself out the window but figured maybe putting her in the car would be better when I remembered I had a portacot. Soon as it was assembled and she was put down she was out for the count. Hearing those cries is the fucking worst. An experience I wouldn’t wish to repeat. Ever.


New beginnings

The move was obviously pretty stressful for the both of us, but more so for Little Miss when we actually got here. Daycare drop offs became the stuff of nightmares. She would scream and hold on to my leg and scream some more and I would walk to my car, tears in my eyes thinking I’m just the worse mother in the entire world. Obviously as she got used to things, it got much better and she looks forward to seeing her mates. A funny story her carer Bec told me still makes me laugh when I think about it. There’s an ikea cube bookcase thing with boxes in it they put all their hats and drink bottles in. Bec had put a box on the ground while she was doing something and Little Miss has walked passed and noticed there was a box missing. She scanned the area and located the missing box a few feet away. Little Miss is indeed little, but she used all her strength to drag the box back to its rightful place and slot it back in. No idea where she gets the compulsive need to have things in their rightful spot? That was until I realised I rush all my dinner guests into hurrying up and finishing their meals so I can put the dishes in the dishwasher…

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