Little Miss, her birthday and her first Pony ride!

Hello my little Darling!

Well your 3rd birthday has come and gone and what a huge day it was! Balloons and presents in the morning and then we went to a special place to take you horse riding! Your first time on a pony! As soon as we got there you were saying to me “Mummy, I want to go on that pony!” Your favourite one was Yogi Bear, a tiny little palomino. I feel like now maybe I have to buy you your own pony!

After the riding we went to the barn with farmer Debbie and you got to brush Yogi and all of the other ponies. Then you got to feed the ponies some hay. You weren’t very pleased to leave but I promised you that we would go back very soon.

Afterwards we went to the water park with Obi, Lisa, Tim and Kelsey and we had a little BBQ and some cake and chased you around for a few hours. Once we got home you said “Mummy, I’m so tired.” Literally a day filled with so much cuteness I could have died. Except for your epic melt down, but you’re a threenager now so thats to be expected.

Have a look at your day 🙂

Love from Mummy


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