How funny is morning sickness?

So how are you travelling? Are you thinking of an ingenious way to announce your pregnancy or has morning sickness means someone has noticed your little secret? Unfortunately for about 80% of us, morning sickness is par for the course in pregnancy.



I was having a chat with a girlfriend of mine the other day about how she was progressing in her pregnancy and she brought the topic of morning sickness up. I instantly felt sick thinking about it and had graphic flashbacks where I was on my hands and knees in the shower throwing up violently and my Sailor lying in bed trying to sleep, inconvenienced by the amount of noise I was making. Meat was banned from the house as was any form of frying and it was imperative to have some dry crackers next to bed at all times. Those were not fun times for anyone.



For me, morning sickness was something that just snuck up. I thought, “Yay, I’m getting away with this scot free! I don’t feel sick at all!” and then all of a sudden my nose was touching the toilet water, back arched and I was hurling and cursing my Sailor for getting me into this predicament. Nothing heralds the real start of pregnancy than the crippling nausea that you probably have to hide from everyone until you’re ready to put up your ingenious pregnancy announcement.


I had to hide my pregnancy from work for a while, for two reasons. I hadn’t been there that long and I found out at three weeks. Nine weeks of hiding. I can do that, easy peasy. My job means that I have to do a little bit of travelling and so I was sent to a pharmacy about three and a half hours drive from Sydney and set to work. Now, working in a pharmacy has its perks. I’d only been there an hour when it hit me pretty bad and in the space of about forty-five minutes, I’d excused myself half a dozen times to throw up. When the Pharmacist took me aside I knew the jig was up. He said, “Suzi, you look green. Are you pregnant?” To sick to think of a lie I said yes and he gave me some Ondansetron, an anti-nausea drug and I was fine.


There are, of course, plenty of natural ways you can try to combat morning sickness and here are the things that worked for me:


  • Never let yourself get hungry. I ate a cracker ten minutes before I got up in the morning and also ate something every two to two and a half hours. If your blood sugars drop, you might experience a bit of nausea.


  • Sea Sickness bands – there are little material bands with a small plastic ball in them and when worn correctly they apply pressure to a spot in your wrist which is said to alleviate nausea. You can buy them from all good pharmacies or even from eBay.


  • Ginger – Ginger seasick pills, ginger biscuits, ginger tea, ginger beer and anything else ginger. Ginger helps to release a particular enzyme in your stomach that neutralizes acid. It also a natural sedative for your stomach so it really does work!


  • When all else fails, head to your GP or Pharmacist. There are some seriously good anti-nausea drugs out there that can return your quality of life to you. Morning sickness can range from an inconvenience to completely debilitating so it’s best to manage it as best as you can so you can get on with your life.


Did morning sickness ruin your surprise announcement? What were/are the ways you combat morning sickness or were you lucky and didn’t get any?

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