Happy Third Birthday, My Little Sweetpea!



Happy Birthday! Wow, another year done and dusted! I literally can’t believe how much you’ve changed in the last year! It’s like you went from a wee bubba to a little lady. Let’s see now, what did we get up this year!?

Well, we moved again. I promise you by next years video, we will still be living in the same place! Moving with a bubba was quite hard both times. The second time not so much because Mema looked after you. Speaking of which, Mema has made you a whole bunch of things, with her bare hands. None of which fit, but thats ok, we can dress your dolls with them.

We had some sad news too. Pippy and Pebbles, Mummy’s pet ferrets ran away 🙁 Mummy was, and still is super sad about it. They were great little pets. They bit you a lot, it didn’t stop you from wanting to torment them though.

We got Frank back. This pleased you to no end. You absolutely love Frank and the pair of you are thick as thieves when you’re together. You mercilessly beat him up as well though. I really wish you didn’t pull on his tail.

How have you changed? You’ve becoming a little bit bored at School. Mummy has to fill in incident reports for you hitting other kids with random objects haha! Mummy keeps reminding you “we don’t hit our friends.” You have so many of them though. Your fan group consists of Mason, Mimi and Harper. Mostly Mason. I think he might have a crush on you.

You’re turning into a very very intelligent and strong willed little girl. Mummy is trying her very best to keep that spirit up, despite your favourite phrases being “DON’T TOUCH ME!” and “NO!” You also like to say “Who’s hungry?” Every time you play with the kitchen set Mema and Poppy bought you for Christmas this year. Once stand out memory that happened recently was when You and Mummy were playing playdoh downstairs and you asked Mummy to make spaghetti. When Mummy was finished rolling it out you shouted “GOOD JOB MUMMY! THAT’S PERFECT!”

If Mummy had to pick a favourite moment this year I don’t think I could. So here are a couple of them.

  1. Your end of year Ballet Concert. I think the teacher liked you the best. She took me aside and told me the way you mimic the teachers movements meant you’d make an excellent ballerina. You just looked SO cute every time you danced. At your concert when you ran up to do your little solo, Mummy had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop from crying. Mummy felt she could have died from pride.
  2. Your Christmas Concert at School. Mummy wasn’t sure if you’d get to participate. Miss Tina handed you to Mummy as soon as I walked in the door because you were crying. As soon as all the other kids were lined up though, off you went. When your class came on, Mummy pushed a whole bunch of people out of the way to get right up the front and after your performance, you looked and me and gave me a big thumbs up. Another cheek-biting-don’t-cry-from-pride moment. Afterwards, you also participated in another classes performance without knowing the dance moves. So cute!
  3. Halloween – Mummy’s little queen of hearts! This Halloweens costume was absolutely adorable and you got lots of compliments when we went to the Halloween parade. Mummy also went as Alice in Wonderland. Which was fitting. Because you really are the queen and Mummy feels like the little girl. This year you went on all the rides by yourself. Your Uncle Tommy, who’d come all the way from Scotland, came with us too. He wasn’t pleased about the make up job Mummy did to his face.
  4. Swimming – Mummy HATES swimming but off we go every single weekend *sigh* Why do we? Because it’s Australia and everyone needs to learn how to swim, but mostly it’s because you love it. You go a bit ape-shit in the water. So much so, Mummy just lets you do whatever, which angers the swim instructor and then she takes over (this is part of Mummy’s plan). We will be continuing this next year, begrudgingly.

So, my sweet angel. Here we are. Another year down. You’re an amazing little human being. Your sense of humor makes me laugh all day every day. Your ability to empathize brings tears to my eyes. Your temper reminds me of your Dad on the Soccer field haha! Don’t worry my darling, controlling that will come with time. But don’t ever loose that spirit, that will to fight and that gentle, compassionate soul of yours. If you choose it, you’re destined to make your mark on this world in the most significant way possible.

You’re the epicenter of my entire world. I love you.

Happy Birthday.

Love Mummy


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