Got a weak stomach?

When I was kid I used to vomit. A lot. I could hit a bull’s-eye from 10 meters away with the amount of effort I put in to vomiting. My Mum likes to remind me of the time I projectile vomited all down the back of my great aunts chinchilla fur coat when I was a baby. Apparently so badly it couldn’t be worn anymore. I probably did her a favor. Real fur is bad mmmkay?


I continued projectile vomiting well past toddlerhood. Too much food and too much energy is definitely a bad thing. Now, when you’re sick, you always want your mum. I wasn’t any different except when it came to nausea. I needed my Dad. Not for anything in particular, just to tell him I was being sick. So at all kinds of random times in the am, I would wake up, walk to my parents room and over to dad’s side of the bed, gently shake him until her stirred and say “Daddy, I feel si… BLURRRRRRRRRGE!!!!” This common occurrence was mostly followed by the same reaction. Dad used to spring out of bed, grab me under one arm and sprint to the toilet but the force of being grabbed only expelled the vomit even further. I don’t think there was a square inch of carpet on his side of the bed I hadn’t vomited on. After a couple of goes at this he cottoned on pretty quick and used to keep a bucket next to the bed. By the time I was ten, he’d be up before I’d even opened the door to their room.


I was reminded of this the other day when I put Little Miss in her rocker after she’d had a big feed. She’d obviously passed the “I’m full” point and decided to vomit so fiercely it came out her nose and she started to choke. She gave herself (and me!) the biggest fright ever and for the first time I heard the “Mummy, just hold me” cry. I’m sincerely hoping she ends up like me in that she goes to Daddy when she vomits because I think I’ve seen so much of it myself I’ve developed an aversion to it, particularly when she starts eating and there’s chunks in it.


Who does your baby turn to when they’re sick? Does the sight of vomit make you want to vomit?

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