Bye 2016 and bye Tinder. It was fun!

Another New Years post, already… Jesus fucking Christ, if there’s ANYTHING that makes me feel old it’s another new years rolling around. What’s interesting about this year is that I can go back and have a look at the new years resolutions I set myself last year. For the most part, I’m immensely proud of myself. They were;

  1. Be the best possible mum I can be every day
  2. Continue to do something that benefits My Little Miss and I for each tomorrow
  3. No relationships till August other than the one I have with myself. Unless he’s either Ah-Maze-ing or Tom Hardy.

So I think I ticked them all off, but Tom Hardy’s attempts to contact me must have been missed, for which I’m hugely disappointed, but relieved also. I’ve been a busy bee this year. I try very hard to be the best possible mum to my sweet angel, except for that one time at Coles when she said “fuck” in the fruit and veg aisle and instead of scolding her, I laughed.  I think it’s slowly paying off, because I see a fiercely independent, intelligent and loving little girl growing up before my very eyes. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t tell her I love her and the nice thing now, is that she says it back, unprompted at times. She’s also a tiny dictator still and spends most of her day trying to boss me about. Such a power struggle at my place and she’s not even three yet. But that spirit, that fight. It will serve her well in the real world.

What have I done to benefit us for each tomorrow? Still plugging away at my degree. It’s a long, hard and very slow uphill battle to find the time, but I’m managing. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped last semester, mostly because I literally did no work. So this one I might try a little bit harder. I also moved us into a nicer place with a big back yard so now we have room to breath.

No relationships? Yep… That happened anyway. Because I’m a hideous man repelling beast. That’s a joke. But you know, dear reader, I haven’t had THAT much luck so far. It’s just a numbers game and my number hasn’t been called. No biggy.

So, what about this year?

  1. Be a healthier version of myself (no more maccas chai lattes and banana bread… the once a week treat that turns into five)
  2. Keeping doing something that continues to benefit Little Miss and myself each day – The degree? Yep. But maybe something else too…
  3. And the kicker. No Tinder. That’s right. No more Tinder for a whole year. Whatever happens will happen organically. Sorry guys… the Tinder Chronicles are over… for now. Not to say I won’t still be blogging!!

2016 wasn’t a bad year at all so thank you to those who made it so memorable and cheers to 2017. It’s going to be a fucking cracker. I feel it in my bones.

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