A Friend in need is a Friend indeed.

I knew the day was going to start off bad. Little Miss woke for her usual feed to start the day at about 6:00am and after feeding her I thought, nah bugger it. I’m going back to bed. So I cuddled her and away we both went to sleep. Break of routine #1. Not usual for little because she usually naps at 8:30. Anyway we woke at 9am and the day started.


While I was downstairs having brekkie I noticed the fuzzies scratching a bit, not usual for them so upon closer inspection realized the cat had brought in fleas from outside. If given a chance those little bastards set up camp in our shag pile rug and attack you. I have visitors arriving that day so it needed immediate auctioning. Break of routine #2. You can see where this is going right?


I put her in the pram at 10am, when she should have been napping and while I let flea bombs off in the house I went to the vets to buy flea stuff for them. Little Miss was bugged eyed until we finally made it to woolies when just as she fell asleep a random spotted her

Cuteness and leant over the pram and touched her foot. I could have punched them in the face.


We couldn’t go back into the house for three hours so we sat outside in the garden. Break of routine #3. She goes down in her bed around 1pm and because it was all new and exciting there was no missing out. But she was whingy and there was no going back. By the time we got back inside the house she was screaming. And screaming… And screaming. After 5 hours screaming I had no idea what to do and was whinging about it to a lovely new mum on Facebook.


I hadn’t even time to put down my phone when I heard a knock at the door. It was her. She’s left her little man with her husband and walked

Around to make sure I was ok.

Not wanting to be a big girls blouse and burst into tears (since we only met at mums group the other week) I gave her a hug and she took Little Miss out of my arms and I did the only quick acting thing I know to calm down and that was consuming a glass of wine. We set to work about putting Little Miss down by starting her bedtime routine a little earlier and between the pair of us, she went down finally.


It is hard having a newborn when your partner works away and there’s nothing better than meeting a new friend who knows exactly what you’re going through who will drop what they’re doing to check on you. I feel like I’ve made a new friend for life.


Who do you turn to for support? Do you have someone who will give you a break? What kinds of resources are there for you if you don’t?

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